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Buying Guide: Golf Shoes

What to Look for When Buying New Shoes

Comfortable footwear is one easy way to make a day out on the golf course more enjoyable. Golf shoes can be split into two main categories: Shoes with replaceable spikes (spiked), and shoes with a tread on the sole (spikeless). The other main difference between styles of shoes is whether or not the pair is waterproof, or built to be more breathable.

Golf shoes with replaceable spikes have the potential to last longer than spikeless shoes, because the old worn out spikes can be replaced, renewing the gripping power of the shoes. That being said, the spikeless shoes tend to not collect as much grass on the bottom of the shoes when playing in wet conditions. Shoes with replaceable spikes can tend to gunk up with grass hindering the gripping power of the shoe. The tread on spikeless shoes can vary in durability, so that would be another thing to keep in mind, depending on how often you play golf.

Many shoes will come with a waterproof warranty backed by the manufacturer. This covers either a one or two year period from the purchase date, ensuring the shoes keep your feet dry. This is a very important feature if golfers play year round, as well as golfers who consistently play early in the mornings. The amount of dew that is generally on the grass for golfers who book earlier tee times can lead to wet feet and a miserable round to follow, if the shoes do not have any sort of waterproofing. For a player who describes him/herself as a “fair-weather golfer” may want more breathable shoes. These players mostly play when it is warm and dry outside, and book later tee times when the grass is completely dry.

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