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Golf Club Values

Does club condition impact value?

YES! Condition is one of several factors that contributes to the overall value of a used golf club. This is true in both the Trade-In and the Re-Sale environments. Naturally a golf club that is in nearly new condition would tend to yield a higher price than a golf club that has clearly been used for several seasons. Further, a golf club that has been abused or damaged has little, if any, value in the secondary market.

Other factors that affect golf club value are harder to quantify, and are more subjective in nature. For example, a busy shop selling new and used golf clubs for 20 years with a nicely appointed showroom and a reputation for outstanding customer service could most likely sell the same golf club for more money than many of its competitors. This in turn may allow that shop to offer higher golf club Trade-In values as well. Of course, each situation is unique, but these, and other fundamental market dynamics (in addition to condition), all contribute to a golf club’s overall value.

Difference between trade-ins and re-sale value?

The PGA Value Guide provides both Re-Sale and Trade-In values to meet the needs of those who are buying and selling golf clubs, as well as those involved in trading-in golf clubs toward new golf club purchases:

++ The Re-Sale value is the price for which a golfer or retailer may reasonably expect to sell a used golf club(s) privately or through a retail shop. The Re-Sale value applies to both the on-line and off-line retail environments.

++ The Trade-In value represents the price a golfer can expect to receive in credit from a retailer toward the purchase of another golf club. The retailer would then probably either re-sell or liquidate the golf club trade-in (just like in the automobile industry!).

NOTE: The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number of transactions on which a golf club value is based, as well as the most recent transaction date. These additional pieces of continually updated information contribute to the confidence level and accuracy of the golf club value range.

Do you value collectible golf clubs?

No. As the National Standard Resource for used golf club values, the purpose of the PGA Value Guide is to serve as a resource for the value of “practical”, used golf clubs in the secondary market, and not to serve as a resource for the value of collectible golf clubs. Practical used golf club models are bought and sold more regularly in the secondary market (typically for use), and therefore exhibit more statistically significant and less volatile fair market values. Golf club models that are classified as collectible may have been intentionally produced in low quantities or designed to commemorate an important event, person or accomplishment, both of which would inflate the value of the golf club. These golf clubs may not be typically purchased for use. Also, some older golf clubs become more valuable as a result of their age, rarity or antique status. In these instances where golf club models are classified as collectible, the PGA Value Guide does not provide golf club value statistics.

Are all retailers obligated to follow the value guide pricing?

While The PGA Value Guide was conceived and developed to fill a need in the golf club market for a National Standard Source for used golf club values, golf club pricing is not dictated by the PGA Value Guide. Retailers are not obligated to honor the Trade-In values, or assign the Re-Sale values, shown in The PGA Value Guide as retailers may find specific circumstances in their business and market, or their personal judgment on the physical condition of a golf club, will determine a different value for a used golf club.

Why PGA Value Guide

Why does the PGA support the value guide?

The PGA of America – the foremost organization in golf comprised of more than 28,000 men and women PGA Professionals dedicated to growing the game of golf, recognizes The PGA Value Guide as an important tool and resource for its membership and for golfers. The PGA recognizes that a credible and continually updated national golf club value guide is a key influencer toward making a more efficient secondary golf club market, and thereby contributes to lowering the affordability barrier to entry into golf, effectively bringing more golfers to the game.

How does the value guide benefit golfers?

The PGA Value Guide provides credible and continually-updated values for thousands of golf club models, and therefore is a great source for consumers planning on trading-in, buying or selling a used golf club. Empowered with this information, golfers can be confident they are getting a fair deal.

How does the value guide benefit golf retailers?

Most importantly, it provides a resource for assigning a value to a used golf club trade-in! The PGA Value Guide eases the processes of trading-in, buying and selling used golf clubs. For retailers taking trade-ins, The PGA Value Guide serves as a “safety net” by allowing the retailer to confidently assess and assign values when accepting a used golf club trade-in. This information can also aid the retailer when liquidating or re-selling the used golf clubs that have been traded-in.

*To get a quick estimate on your clubs trade-in value please visit the PGA Value Guide.


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