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Buying Guide: Drivers

What to Look for When Buying Your New Driver

Our main focus, both online and in-store, is to deliver the best selection of golf clubs available, with the best possible customer service. We are focused on carrying quality equipment for every age and skill level.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when buying new golf clubs…

Being able to consistently hit straight drives off the tee is one of the most important steps to putting up lower scores. There is not a driver that swings itself; however, there are many options in the driver department that can greatly improve one’s consistency off the tee. Determining the issues you have with your current driver can make search for a new driver much easier. Can help you find something that is not only shiny and new, but better for your game. There are drivers that will be specifically designed to lessen a slice, launch the ball higher, and be as forgiving as possible. Other drivers are more focused on lowering backspin numbers for more consistent golfers. The key is to find what driver is going to most often launch the ball farthest into the fairway. Determining the correct shaft flex is key to hitting straighter and longer drives. The shaft will influence launch conditions, backspin rates, accuracy, among many other things.If there is any question to what flex is best for you this is a simple way to figure it out. This is a guide we use to get started, but it is not foolproof. With a driver, club head speed can place a golfer into the correct flex quickly and easily.

  • Under 70 mph = Ladies Flex
  • 70-85 mph = Senior Flex
  • 85-95 mph = Regular Flex
  • 95-110 mph = Stiff Flex
  • Over 110 mph = Extra Stiff Flex

There is a good amount of grey area that is left to the fitter to help guide any golfer from there, but this gives anyone a good idea of where to start. From there the loft of the driver is the next thing to figure out. Every club head speed has an ideal launch angle. The faster someone swings the lower the optimal launch angle, the slower the club head speed the higher the optimal launch angle. This is why it is so uncommon to see any ladies flex drivers at 9 degrees of loft, when that is far more common in stiff flex drivers. The loft on the driver and the launch angle of the ball leaving the club head is not the same number. Depending on what angle the club is striking the ball at impact, what will add or subtract to the loft of the club. When well hit, the launch angle of the ball leaving the club head should be a little higher than the loft of the driver.

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